Kelly Montijo Fink is a Mexican / Apache / Spanish singer-songwriter.  Her Native name is “White Sparrow”.   Kelly grew up in California but eventually moved to the Midwest.  She attended Cornell College, earning a double major in Spanish & Anthropology.  She finished her graduate work at the University of Iowa with a Master’s degree in Spanish linguistics.

She has been singing for as long as she can remember and has performed everything from musical theater, pop, rock, contemporary folk, Italian opera, and madrigal arrangements to mariachi music, rap, hip-hop, & Native drum songs.

She has received multiple Native American Music (or NAMMY) nominations and won a NAMMY in 2011 for a compilation album on which she was featured and co-produced.  She won again in 2014 for her album “Don’t Let Me Forget”. She has also received multiple Indian Summer Music Festival nominations & was granted six “Silver Arrow Awards” for her contribution to Native music. She was recently nominated for a Indigenous Music Award (2015) for “Best Gospel CD” for her most recent release.

Despite her accomplishments, her greatest reward in the creation of sound & music is seeing the powerful way that a song can influence, empower, & affect change in the life of an individual.  It is from a foundation of faith & courage that Kelly releases her sound – with a desire for her music to inspire, heal, encourage, & motivate those who hear it.

Kelly Montijo Fink - MUSIC THAT EMPOWERS